Organic Pastured Chicken

Organic Pastured Freedom Ranger 

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SOY FREE, NON GMO & ORGANIC PASTURED CHICKEN DELIVERY: Order now for delivery in Fall 2018. Dates will be set soon. 

We are now raising a new breed of pastured chicken, of the Poulet Rouge family, the wonderful and lively Freedom Ranger.

After our experience raising fast-growing Cornish Cross, the breed predominantly raised in the U.S., we were determined to find a hardier, more robust chicken with a distinct flavor.  And we succeeded!

This special breed has a distinctly superior flavor, succulent, tender meat and produces a beautiful, golden-colored broth which has more omega-3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds.

We consider our beautiful, hardy, slower growing chickens to be “raised as nature intended” as they live in the sunshine and the fresh air, eating fresh greens, bugs, seeds, and are fed a nutritionally balanced ration. Their feed is non-GMO, contains NO SOY & is Organic. 

The pastured chickens live outdoors in portable pens which are moved to fresh pasture 1-2 times each day.

Our customers, family, and friends are saying our chickens are the best they have ever eaten.

*Please note* After great consideration, many restless nights & conversations, we will no longer be raising Traditional Pastured Chicken. This chicken was raised on DuMor feed. The demand does not match the time, labor or product input. Thank you for understanding! Ask us for recommendations.