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Orchard Fruit

When the fruit is ripe, the public is invited to visit the ranch, weekends only, from 7 AM to 3 PM, to pick the orchard’s bounty. Boxes, wheel barrows and picking tools are supplied. Admission is free. Scales are at the stand for weighing. The fruit is organic, so please be encouraged to sample as you pick. Fall apples are typically ready in September and October. Mother Nature calls the shots as to timing, however.

Check the news on this website or sign up for our mailing list for updates on the fruit’s availability.

In addition, on one of the weekends of the apple picking season, Rainbow Girls (a nonprofit service organization for developing leadership skills in young girls) comes to the ranch to sell their homemade apple products to the public. They make wonderful pies, apple butters, cakes, and press apple cider per your order. All sales benefit the Rainbow Girls. This is their major moneymaking activity each year and is very popular with Date Creek Ranch visitors.

We only accept cash or check at the Ranch.


We Guarantee Our Meat.

Referrals will receive a $25.00 discount.

We offer a discounted price for the 48 Blade Jaccard meat tenderizer (see cooking grass fed beef). If you buy a quarter of beef the Jaccard meat tenderizer cost is $20.00, if you buy more than one quarter the tenderizer is free of charge.