Natural, Soy-Free and GMO-Free Pork

Our Natural, Soy-Free and GMO-Free Pork

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Our pigs are raised on a small, nearby, family-owned farm.  Being “down the road” neighbors and having been our friends for 35 years, we know they share the same values as we do. Now, we have taken to fully raising pigs. We still work with our friends, except we raise our piglets from them at a much younger age. This is to fully be aware and a part of – all feeds, environment and heritage.

NO SOY, NO GMOS IN OUR FEEDS. Our standard of quality for you, has never been greater. We are happy to announce that our pigs eat natural pickings; fallen apples, roots, forbes and whatever they can find in our open pastures. Outside of that, our pigs are never going to receive ANY Soy or GMO products.

NO ANTIBIOTICS – NO HORMONES. Our pigs live in stress-free environments and are not ever given antibiotics or hormones. After they are weaned from their mamas they are turned out into a pasture where they are able to root and behave like pigs!

SAME PROCESSOR, SAME GREAT QUALITY. Date Creek Ranch Pork is processed at the same family-owned business we have been using for our beef.

PRICE IS $ 8.95 PER POUND PACKAGED WEIGHT. A half animal will be about 55-70 pounds of packaged meat and will cost around $500 and $600 (depending on the size of the animal).

We will meet you with your order  in Phoenix (I17 and Loop 101), Prescott Valley or Chino Valley.  We always meet on a Friday evening.

Benefits of Natural Pork: 
Natural Pork means that our animals are raised without antibiotics, growth promotants, or hormones and are never forced to live in small, cramped, indoor pens. Ten days after their birth, they are moved outside into the fresh air and sunshine and once they are big enough they are moved to large pastures where they are able to root and express their inherent pig-ness. And they love being in their pasture! They run and play and enjoy their stress-free life. When animals are cared for properly, and given a supportive, natural environment in which to live, the food they yield is healthier.

In addition, our pigs are fed a healthy vegetarian diet consisting of grains and supplemental vitamins and minerals. We do not add any MSG, phosphates, nitrates, or nitrites to any of our meat. Also, our pigs are soy-free and GMO-free! Our standard cutting list does not include any smoking or curing of meats as this would require the use of nitrates. We firmly believe in keeping our food as close as possible to what nature intended for us and thus far have not found any suitable substitutes.

NOTE: Individualized cutting instructions are possible on request. (Standard Cutting List) For those of you who want smoked ham and bacon (for an extra charge), you must buy a whole.  Smoked meat is not nitrate or nitrite free, takes 2 weeks longer to process, and may require pickup in Chino Valley.