About my father, Phillip Knight 1935 – 2007

Determination and land stewardship are musts for ranching in this country, and my father demonstrated both. He began a ranching tradition that was very progressive and one which we continue. Within the past 20 years, Dad, in conjunction with AZ Game and Fish, reintroduced beaver and wild turkey.

For his important work on the riparian area (Date Creek) Dad was awarded:

  • 1993 Environmentalist of the Year—AZ Game and Fish Department
  • 1994 Environmental Stewardship—Arizona Cattlemen’s Association

Numerous articles have been published about Dad.

  • Featured in “Range” Magazine—Spring 1994 “Environmentalist of the Year—Phil Knight”
  • Featured in Arizona Highways—August 1988 “The Ecosystem Doesn’t End at the Fence”
  • Featured in Arizona Highways –August 1999 “To Protect the Land”